Sample Rental Application

A $[dollar amount] non-refundable fee must accompany this application.


Name of person applying __________________________________________________________________

Mailing Address _________________________________________________________________________

Phone numbers  (business or work phone, home phone, cell phone)  _______________________________

Email __________________________________________________________________

Business Name __________________________________________________________________

FAX __________________________________________________________________

Website __________________________________________________________________

Business partners or associates (names and phone numbers) ____________________________________

Number of current employees other than yourself _______________________________

Business Status (check appropriate box)

  • Planning stage (not yet producing)_______
  • Less than 1 year_________
  • More than a year_________ Year founded__________

Business Structure

  • Sole proprietor________
  • LLC_____________
  • S- Corp_________
  • C- Corp__________
  • Cooperative________
  • Other_____________
  • Not yet determined_____________

Do you have a business plan?

  • Yes_________
  • No__________

If the business is an existing business (more than one year old) please indicate your approximate annual sales or dollar volume


Briefly describe your business _______________________________________________________________

Briefly describe the products, including the main ingredients, and the equipment you wish to use in the kitchen


Where do sell your product or plan to sell your product? (Check all that apply)

  • Direct to consumers (e.g. food truck, catering) _______________
  • Farmer’s Market ___________________
  • Retail stores such as [regional grocer] or [regional grocer]
  • Restaurants _______________
  • Other (please specify) ___________________

Estimated hours of kitchen usage

  • Per week________________
  • Per month_______________
  • Per year _________________

Preferred times – Note the minimum rental period is two hours

  • Weekdays     _________Which days? __________________________________
  • Saturday     ___________
  • Sunday       ___________

Preferred time of day? Note the space is not available from [time] – [time]  [day of week] through [day of week].


Is your product seasonal?

  • No___________
  • Yes. I will be making my product in the following months ______________________________________________________

How did you hear about [name of kitchen]? Check all that apply

  • Newspaper article _________________
  • Word of mouth_________________
  • Referred by potential customer____________________
  • [name of kitchen] Website    __________________
  • Email ____________
  • Other (please indicate the source)________