Sample New User Checklist

[name of organization] [name of kitchen]

New User Checklist


All Users of the [name of kitchen] must complete the following activities and supply the following documents before they may use the facility.


Item[name of kitchen] InitialsDate
1.Complete User Application and submit with $XX intake fee
2.Provide a copy of a Certified Food Protection Manager course certification (Iowa specific)
3.Provide a Certificate of Liability Insurance with the [name of organization] listed as an Additional Insured
4.Obtain a valid food license, or licenses, from the appropriate food licensing agency
5.Provide recipes and menus for all food items that you intend to produce in the [name of kitchen]
6.Attend a facility orientation and training session
7.Review and sign the Facility Use Agreement
8.Review and sign the [name of kitchen] User Guide
9.Payment of $XX (refundable) deposit 


10.Schedule and pre-pay for first month’s usage


For additional information and assistance please contact:

[contact name], [name of kitchen] Manager

[contact phone number]

[contact email]