Sample Application Approval Process

  1. Identify target audience and best use/users of kitchen
  2. Marketing and outreach to selected groups
  3. Entrepreneur makes first contact
    1. Web
    2. Phone
    3. Attends scheduled kitchen open house for an initial tour
  4. Information exchange
    1. Equipment available
    2. Hours of operation and scheduling
    3. Rental rates
    4. Application process
  5. Candidate fills out preliminary application
    1. Initial information entered on-line or submitted on paper
    2. Ask for contact information and information about the business
    3. Ask what kitchen will be used for, proposed uses and processes
    4. Ask their preferred schedule
  6. Preliminary application is reviewed internally
    1. Reviewer determines if all information has been submitted correctly
    2. Establish a turnaround time for applications and adhere to it
    3. Set up kitchen tour, return to applicant for additional information, or reject
  7. Initial kitchen tour (not necessary if the candidate has attended a kitchen open house)
    1. Review checklist of requirements, insurance certificate, licensing, user agreement, rental agreement
    2. Discuss scheduling and access
  8. Applicant arranges appointment with appropriate licensing agency (lead time can be 30 days) and becomes licensed
  9. Final application approval by kitchen staff
    1. Application received complete with proof of insurance
    2. Copies of food licenses from appropriate authorities
    3. Application fee, if any, received
    4. Candidate comes in to sign facility use policies and rental agreement
    5. Schedule initial kitchen use
    6. Collect cleaning/breakage deposit, if any, and rent for upcoming rental
    7. Kitchen access and keying arranged
    8. Complete training/orientation to kitchen processes and expectations before first use
  10. First use of the kitchen by applicant at scheduled time
  11. Check-up after first use and feedback to user