Old Brick Commercial Kitchen

Owner: Old Brick

Kitchen Description: Old Brick is a community venue in the heart of downtown Iowa City. Our mission is primarily to serve the community as a gathering space for the community, students and non-profits. We are located at the corners of Clinton and Market Sts just across from the business buildings on the edge of campus. We have parking available to renters of the kitchen during their rental period. We typically host the Agape Café on Wednesday mornings during the school year (with prep all day Tuesday), otherwise we block times during events and weekend weddings. The kitchen is often available in the evening and almost all summer (except Saturday weddings).

Website: www.oldbrick.org

Address: 26 E. Market St., Iowa City, IA 52245

Rent This Kitchen
Phone Number: (319) 351-2626
Hours Kitchen is Available for Rent:  All day on Monday, Thursday, Friday. Wednesdays after 10AM. Occasional Saturdays when not hosting weddings. Sunday mornings until 2pm and Sunday evenings after 8pm.
Rental Rate: $30/hr. for occasional use but willing to look at different rate for a habitual user.
Does your kitchen provide storage space for rent (freezer, cooler, dry)?: No
Rental Requirements :
  • Removal of all trash
  • Clean up space
  • Must have key card to enter building
  • No propane tanks


  • Commercial Range/Oven
  • Microwave
  • Flat Top Grill
  • Dish Sanitizer

Kitchen Policies

  • All kitchen renters will need to tour and get a key card from the Director’s office to have access to the building.
  • Please return kitchen to the same or better level of cleanliness as you found it.
  • All trash should be taken out to the outside dumpster located outside.
  • Renters will need to bring all their own mixing bowls/utensils and small appliances.

How To Rent

  1. Fill out the “Request to Rent this Kitchen” to the right.
  2. The Kitchen Manager will review your request. You will then meet to discuss the kitchen and your venture.
  3. Fill out the kitchen’s rental application form. A sample form can be found here.
  4. If your application is accepted, you will meet with the Kitchen Manager to discuss requirements to use the kitchen space (insurance, licensing, fees, etc.)
  5. Provide the Kitchen Manager with all required documents and fees.
  6. Complete the kitchen’s training and orientation.
  7. You will then be provided with a link to the kitchen’s scheduling page.
  8. Signup for your preferred time slots, and start cooking.

Request To Rent This Kitchen

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