Food Business Insurance

General Liability Insurance provides coverage from claims involving bodily injury or property damage. Product Liability Insurance covers claims related to the manufacture or sale of products offered to the public.



In order to rent most commercial kitchens you will need to provide proof of liability insurance, including a Certificate of Liability Insurance listing the location as an Additional Insured. See the example Certificate of Insurance Liability with an additional insured indicated.


The minimum amount of liability insurance recommended is $1M per occurrence and $2M aggregate.



To understand what coverage you need you should first talk to your current insurance agent and find out what coverage you already have. Your agent should be able to recommend additional coverage for your business if it is needed, and you may qualify for a premium discount based on having multiple lines of coverage through the same company. You should confirm with your insurance agent that your General Liability Policy is not restricted to your own home or business facility.


In the event you need to find a new insurance agent or broker look for one that specializes in the food industry or one that insures other local food companies such as yours, if possible. A good broker should be able to recommend insurance companies, coverage and policies appropriate for the sector and for your business.